Food safety challenges and testing trends in Asia

Asia Pacific is known for its exotic variation of food. From the exquisite spices of Indian cuisine to the mellow flavors of oriental dishes, food plays a very prominent role in the life and culture of Asian people. Yet the same question remains, how can we improve food safety without compromising the taste?

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Agilent - LC/MS Instruments

Agilent’s portfolio of LC/MS instruments takes the versatility of HPLC separation to another level with the sensitivity and specificity of mass spectrometry. 

Available models:

> Triple Quadrupole LC/MS
> Quadrupole Time of Flight LC/MS
> Single Quadrupole LC/MS
> Time of Flight LC/MS

Agilent - GC/MS Instruments

Agilent’s portfolio of GC/MS instruments provides comprehensive capabilities, allowing users to achieve sensitive, robust, and reliable GC/MS analysis of any sample in a routine setting.

Available models: 

  • 5977B GC/MSD
  • 7000D Triple Quadrupole GC/MS
  • 7010B Triple Quadrupole GC/MS
  • 7250 GC/Q-TOF

> GC/MS Instruments

Bruker - X-ray Micro-CT Microtomography

Bruker Micro-CT develops and produces wide range of high-end microtomography instruments for 3-dimensional non-destructive X-ray imaging of an object's internal microstructure. Building on more than thirty-four years’ experience, SKYSCAN Micro-CT scanners today reach a spatial resolution in the submicron range and are applied by researchers and scientists in many industries.

Available models:

> X-ray Micro-CT - SKYSCAN 1272
> X-ray Micro-CT - SKYSCAN 1275
> X-ray Micro-CT - SKYSCAN 2214

Click here to learn more about Bruker Micro-CT

Novasina - Humidity & Temperature Measurement

  • QuantDat/nSens: Multi-sensor industrial transmitter for humidity and temperature probes.
  • ClimMate: Mobile reference measuring instrument for humidity and temperature in a set.
  • HygroGuard/ClimaLog/DataLog: Data logger systems with internal and external sensors.
  • HygroMaxx: HVAC-transmitter for humidity and temperature measurement with analogue outputs.
  • StatMaxx: HVAC-thermo-hygrostat with integrated relay switches.
  • TempMaxx: HVAC-temperature transmitter with integrated relay switch and analogue output.

> Humidity & Temperature Measurement

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Marco Farina

Marco Farina, Senior Director, Business Line Scientific Solutions

Marco joined DKSH in February 2016. He oversees global business development and has spent the last ten years developing and growing business in different emerging markets in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. He is now based in Bangkok. 

Gabriela Gillot

Gabriela Gillot, General Manager, Business Unit Technology

Based in Zurich, Gabriela has been with DKSH since 2011, helping the company’s expanding their business in Asia. Prior to joining, she worked for several international brands in the life sciences sector. Gabriela has a scientific background and many years of experience developing a strong relationship with customers and business partners worldwide.