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Our success is founded on collaborative, ethical and sustainable leadership. DKSH’s Board of Directors and the Executive Committee are responsible for defining the business strategy and assuring its execution, including sustainability. They are committed to upholding strong governance standards representing the interests of DKSH and its stakeholders. A sustainability team, led by Group Governance Risk & Compliance and Group Investor Relations, is supporting management in addressing material sustainability topics.

Our values and beliefs are enshrined in our Code of Conduct, adopted by our Board of Directors and made available to all our employees in English and local languages. Employees need to formally adopt the Code upon joining and receive periodic training to ensure that the Code is followed. We place great emphasis on hiring and retaining people who share our values and who, through their integrity, protect our business as well as that of our clients and customers.

We operate as an intermediary between our clients and customers. For parts of our service delivery, we also rely on third parties. DKSH does not maintain relationships with third parties that do not act in line with our principles and standards of doing business. To further emphasize this, we introduced our Supplier Code of Conduct, which sets out clear expectations on issues such as labor rights and anti-corruption.

Read about our recent projects:

Ramon J. Viñas

Promoting sustainable products
“Working with the specialty chemicals sector, we are constantly looking to develop new innovations that benefit society. Examples include additives which when applied to coatings on buildings can absorb pollution from the atmosphere. One of our clients developed a product based on “photocatalytic TiO2” and we formulated it into different coatings and concrete solutions with some of our customers. These formulations can be applied to exterior materials, such as concrete paving stones in city streets, or interior surfaces, such as paints and coatings for schools and hospitals. We have been selling this product in Europe for several years. We actively monitor the development of sustainable products and select promising innovations. More recently in Asia, we have begun distributing and promoting a new substance that can be added to building materials to absorb CO2 and other pollutants from the atmosphere. We are excited to grow this market further and play our part in improving the environment”

Ramon J. Viñas, Vice President, Global Specialty Chemicals Industry and Head Country Management Spain and Portugal

Andreas Wuest

Refining our approach to sustainability
“DKSH has considerably strengthened its commitment to sustainability over the past years. Therefore, in 2019, we have developed a sustainability policy that covers all DKSH entities. For the first time, we define the governance structure for sustainability at DKSH, including setting roles and responsibilities. The definition of sustainability is broad, encompassing environmental, social and ethical issues relating to the company’s day-to-day operations. The policy assigns responsibilities to the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, local operating company management teams and the Sustainability Committee. The Sustainability Committee, led by our functions Group Governance, Risk & Compliance and Group Investor & Media Relations, is responsible for the implementation of the policy. In this Committee, we are supported by representatives from other departments as well as Business Units and report directly to the Executive Committee”

Andreas Wuest, Vice President, Group Governance, Risk & Compliance

Till Leisner

“Since the beginning of 2020, each member of the Executive Committee has a sustainability target with an initial weight of five percent. Sustainability is now better linked to our Executive Committee’s compensation.”

Till Leisner, Head, Group Investor & Media Relations