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Our vision and strategy

Our vision and strategy

Our vision is to be known as the world’s leading provider of Market Expansion Services with a focus on Asia. Anyone thinking of growing their business in or with Asia should think of DKSH first


We drive a clear strategy for sustainable, profitable growth that continuously increases our market share and at the same time helps our business partners expand their business.

The cornerstone of our strategy is the continuous expansion and improvement of our successful business model. We stick to what we do best by doing more of the same, more efficiently. We achieve this by:

Growing existing markets and Business Units
We focus on growing existing markets and Business Units through expanding the business of our current clients and customers by rolling out success stories across the region and new business development, complemented with strategic bolt-on acquisitions.

Strengthening service offerings
We continually strengthen and expand our range of service offerings across the entire value chain. To ensure the long-term success of our business partners, we constantly deliver more value-added solutions that give them the competitive advantage.

Increasing operational efficiency
We continuously improve the efficiency of our processes. The quality of our services is based on best practices and standards throughout our entire organization. An efficient supply chain coupled with synergies across all Business Units and countries allow us to fulfill the diverse requirements of the businesses we serve.