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Contributing to a Malaysian symbol of national prideEnsure performance - we ensure that targets are achieved, inspire others to continuously strive to do better and to never give up.

Contributing to a Malaysian symbol of national pride

In the late 1920s, Diethelm Singapore acquired L. Raeber & Co., a Swiss firm which ran a small aluminum workshop specialized in the production of aluminium buckets to collect the sap from rubber trees. Although the aluminium segment was outside of Diethelm’s traditional trading business, the firm saw the possibility to enter into a new line with a potentially huge market. To exploit it though, a massive sales effort was necessary.

The Swiss spared nothing to market the goods, taking them to potential clients at numerous rubber plantations, which were situated in faraway places and the excursions carried considerable health risks. The efforts paid off. Within just a few years, over two million cups of aluminium were sold.

Due to the success of its products, Diethelm expanded its activities beyond the rubber industry, and in the 1960s, aluminium produced by Diethelm was used in the construction of Malaysia's national mosque.

It all goes to show: through inspiring others to continuously strive to do better and never giving up, the aluminium department grew to become the pride of the Singapore branch.