We offer a portfolio of specialized services for medical device and diagnostics companies. This includes proven and effective consignment inventory management at hospital and pharmacy level, as well as the careful handling and delivery of cardiovascular and orthopedic devices and tools for surgeons.

We manage stock at customer level effectively, thereby increasing product availability, sales and customer satisfaction.


Our offering includes:

  • Reduce inventory levels, cut down on stock losses and better managed expired and write-off items
  • Fast process for tracking shipped out products and returns
  • High accuracy thanks to handheld scanners
  • Real-time traceability thanks to RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology
  • Ad-hoc urgent delivery into operating theaters

On behalf of our cardiovascular clients, we manage a full range of surgery devices and equipment. With urgent round-the-clock delivery, surgeons have access to the right device at the right time at the right quality, without having to make costly investments.

We manage orthopedics prostheses and a complete toolkit for surgeons to perform spine corrections. Surgeons get access to a full range of equipment needed to improve their patients’ lives, always delivered and handled in a sterile environment, while not having to worry over or purchase a full product range.

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