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Celebrating a Decade of Successful Partnership Between DKSH and LAUDA in Asia Pacific Listen with ReadSpeaker

LAUDA, a global marketing leader for precise constant temperature equipment and systems, has been a business partner of DKSH in Thailand and Japan since 2009. Over the years, this dynamic partnership has expanded to Singapore, Taiwan, and other Southeast Asian markets.

Bringing together a synergy of LAUDA’s leading technologies and our market intelligence as well as a systematic market development approach, LAUDA is today a leading brand in multiple sectors in Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand.

A Decade of Successful Partnership Between DKSH and LAUDA in the Asia Pacific

See how we worked together to make LAUDA the leading brand in their sector in Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand:

Taiwan’s Nascent Biopharma Industry

With its convergence of healthcare talent and technology, Taiwan is rapidly becoming a prime destination for innovative biotech startups. Taiwan’s biotechnology sector is expected to reach USD 120.4 billion in production value by 2025.

Leveraging on our reputation and well-connected local networks, the team was able to form strategic alliances with companies offering single-use bioreactors and magnetic mixers to provide integrated solutions for vaccine development, API, and research and development. These well-strategized partnerships helped increase our participation rate in key projects and enhance LAUDA’s overall brand visibility and market coverage in the biotech and biopharma industries.

A Decade of Successful Partnership Between DKSH and LAUDA in the Asia Pacific

Japan’s Chemical and Pharmaceutical Fields

To enter the competitive chemical and pharmaceutical fields in Japan, we collaborated as an independent advisor and expert in helping to develop tailored innovative solutions to fit the market demand. We offered a thorough explanation of LAUDA’s product features, applications, and how they could help the customer improve and simplify their existing workflows.

In Japan, trust is an important factor in building a long and sustainable partnership. The team invested time to understand our customers’ pain points and addressed their needs promptly through demonstrations and excellent support. For service support, we offered periodic professional maintenance along with quick troubleshooting and 100 percent local repair assurance. In addition to immediate service response, we also ensured alternative units and spare parts were always readily available.

Singapore’s Growing Electric Vehicle Sector

Electric vehicle (EV) sales are estimated to boom over the next three to five years in Singapore. With this rising demand, automotive component manufacturers in the market must ensure their products are reliable and perform under different road conditions. It is essential to test their products’ reliability and efficiency under different climates and road conditions. 

Leveraging our strong application engineering capabilities, DKSH provided complete solutions for product validation with LAUDA’s new generation Integral XT process thermostats. Customers in Singapore preferred to partner with us as we were able to provide a complete package of TCU with proven specifications coupled with local integration and service support to fulfill their entire processing requirements.

Thailand’s Emerging Electric Vehicle Market

Although hybrid electric vehicles (EVs) were introduced in Thailand in 2009, the popularity of EVs in the market is still low. To boost interest in this sector, the government is trying to incentivize manufacturers to enhance production capacity for EV parts with the plan to launch and export commercial EVs by 2025.

To produce EV parts, manufacturers will need precise temperature-controlled equipment that can test a wide range of automotive materials and provide reliable data to support strict international regulations. LAUDA’s temperature control unit technology, coupled with DKSH’s service support, technical expertise, and application capabilities is readily available to support manufacturers to improve and expand production capacity in the market.


From its beginnings in 2009, LAUDA has successfully grown brand awareness and market share across the Asia Pacific region. While it has penetrated different industries, the brand has also strengthened its leadership position in the temperature equipment market in the locations they operate in.