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Keeping Medical Devices Delivery Going During a Pandemic Listen with ReadSpeaker

DKSH in Thailand proved that with some creative approaches and resilience, we were able to keep the supply and delivery of medical devices to healthcare facilities going during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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DKSH helps medical device and diagnostics companies grow in Thailand through providing marketing, distribution, regulatory consulting, and specialized services in sectors like cardiovascular, orthopedics, ophthalmology, wound care, dental, surgical, and infection control.

Our services include delivery to operating theaters, catheterization laboratories, day surgery clinics, outpatient surgery units, dental clinics, and diagnostic laboratories.

Keeping Medical Devices Delivery Going During a Pandemic

The fact that we have stood the test of time during a pandemic showed our resilience and commitment in our roles. Most of our clients did not even notice these internal changes and this demonstrated how smoothly and swiftly we were able to adjust and accommodate to the new normal.

John Clare, Vice President Healthcare, Thailand and Indochina