ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors Report 2023

Blanket Coverage of Asia Pacific, Western  Europe, and North America

DKSH helps companies to grow their business in current markets and expand into new ones. As your preferred distribution partner, we ensure that your leading products reach our large customer base in all key regions across Asia Pacific, Western Europe, and North America. Our complete range of specialized and tailor-made services deliver seamless end-to-end solutions.


 About 19,000 Customers


We adapt our solutions to the local needs of the markets we operate in. We go beyond selling to create innovations that improve formulations and provide cost advantages. Our over 19,000 customers around the world benefit from our network of sourcing and technology scouting specialists, as well as our supplier identification, vendor management and procurement, supply chain outsourcing, on-time delivery, and stock management.


1,650 Specialists


Our over 1,650 highly-skilled specialists around the world help our business partners to benefit from a range of tailored services that support your business growth.

 Focus on Life Science and Industrial   Specialties

We develop cutting-edge products and solutions and provide a full range of market expansion services for the Life Sciences (food and beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care) and Industrial Specialties sectors. We create opportunities for our clients and strengthen their competitive advantage.



 53 Formulation Labs


We develop cutting-edge products and formulations from our 53 state-of-the-art formulation labs for the food and beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical, and specialty chemicals industries. Our innovation centers provide a range of tailor-made solutions that reduce time-to-market and increase competitive advantage. We generate ideas, ensure compliance, and provide technical training to increase your market coverage.

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Over 100 Regulatory Experts


With a deep understanding of the regulatory environment across Asia Pacific, Western Europe, and North America, our network of on-the-ground regulatory specialists provides a range of services to support our business partners in all matters related to local market regulatory compliance. This helps companies save time in keeping up to date with changing regulations and ensures a smoother expansion in different markets.

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