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Energy Resources

We provide a range of instruments and solutions to assist our customers in the energy sector develop and optimize processes.

The need for developing cost effective and efficient processes for the continued refinement of crude oil and gas, conversion of renewable energy sources such as biomass and methods for carbon capture and carbon sequestration has increased tremendously.

Our scientific instruments ensure that you can run fast and accurate quality controls in your laboratories to support your manufacturing and process development.

Analytical solutions for field, laboratory and process

By combining robust and reliable systems, industry expertise and support, we assist you in improving efficiency throughout the value chain ranging from raw materials exploration to final quality control.

We have helped many business partners to succeed in markets around the world. Learn how we have supported them to create new opportunities and become market leaders.

Food examination in laboratory

The Scientific Solutions industry is innovative and highly competitive. Our experts keep you informed of industry and market developments, so you can benefit from their first-hand knowledge.

Solutions for other industries