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The Cameo produces coffee and steamed/foamed milk as good as any barista can produce. The latest in Eversys’s leading-edge line of espresso machines that are known for quality, consistency, productivity and connectivity.

Cameo adopts symbols of nature – be it earth, ocean or tempest. Colours and textures can be modified to reflect personal taste or environment, whilst retaining all the functionality associated with the e'range. 

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (WxDxH) 430x580x600 mm.
Weight 63 Kg.
Brew chamber capacity 24 g.
Grinders Ceramic burrs
User Interface 400 mm. in diagonal
Bean hopper 2 x 1.2 Kg. or 1 x 2 Kg. in option
Coffee spout height 70-165 mm.
Coffee boiler size 0.8 l.
Steam boiler size 1.6 l.

Key Features

  • 140/175* espresso
  • 140/175* cappuccino
  • 150 Hot water portion*
  • Two products at the same time.
  • e’ Foam, with Micro Air Dosing (MAD) system.
  • Electronic Milk Texturing (EMT) system with heating/steaming module.

*This productivity applies with 8.3 kW of power.

Cameo video Are you ready for the next generation?

  • Food & Beverage

Eversys is a Swiss based company, which was founded in 2009 by a team of engineers with significant experience in the development of leading edge beverage solutions, conceived and delivered over the past 30 years.

Led by Jean-Paul In-Albon and Robert Bircher - the company’s founders, Eversys has developed a range of innovative hot beverage solutions, which are now gracing some of the world’s leading HORECA facilities, ranging from in the world’s tallest building through a leader in global IT solutions.

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