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Power & Style

Technologically advanced, powerful and elegant.

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Technical Specifications

2 Groups 3 Groups
Boiler capacity 14 L 18 L
Power 3800 W 5000 W - 6000 W
Weight 62 Kg 74 Kg
Dimensions L x W x H 783 x 568 x 455 mm 953 x 568 x 455 mm
Front distance between legs Side distance: 268 mm 610 mm 780 mm

In High Cup version, machine height is 485mm, both 2G and 3G models.

Key Features

  • Refined and simple lines.
  • Softness to the touch.

The best temperature maintenance in the group.

Iberital Tutorial - Automatic cleaning This tutorial shows how the automatic cleaning works.


Iberital has been leading the change since 1975, when Blai Farré, the founder, began to repair machine pumps in his Barcelona garage.

Four decades later, our espresso machines are still the perfect tool for baristas. Keeping our founder's vision, we are committed to handcrafting machines with great detail, R&D, impeccable design, and environmental responsibility.