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PT Series pass-through dishwashers guarantee perfect cleaning results in the shortest time thanks to their innovative features. Additionally, these machines provide maximum efficiency in the kitchen.

Depending on the wash items, available space and individual needs, a choice can be made from the machine models PT-M, PT-L, PT-XL and PT-500.

Available models

Technical data
Number of programmes
Tank capacity [l]
Rinse water consumption [l/rack]
Tank temperature [°C]
Final rinse temperature [°C]
Noise emission [dB(A)]
max. 63
Minimum flow pressure [kPa / bar]
100 / 1.0
Maximum inlet pressure [kPa / bar]
600 / 6.0
Rate of flow [l/min]
min. 4
Packaging dimensions (W x D x H) [mm]
770 x 880 x 1605
Weight, net/ gross [kg]
98 / 123

The ValueLine P50 delivers excellent cleaning results quickly and effectively. It is easy to operate and users can trust in its level of efficiency, hygiene and reliability. This makes the P50 extremely attractive for professionals in search of an economical and practical solution for their growing warewashing needs.

Key features

  • 2 wash programmes
  • Thermostop controlled rinse temperature
  • Automatic hood start
  • Self-cleaning programme
  • Rotating top and bottom wash system for optimum coverage
  • Triple filtration system ensures extended lifecycle of tank water
  • Wash and rinse arms easily removable by hand for cleaning
  • Short wash cycle
  • Reduced heating time
  • Low fresh water consumption


Technical data
Number of programmes
Tank capacity [l]
Rinse water consumption per cycle [l]
2.4 / 2.4 / 3.8*2
Tank temperature [°C]
62 / 62 / 66
Rinse water temperature [°C]
Dimensions (W x D) [mm]
635 x 750
Height with hood closed [mm]
Height with hood open [mm]
Working height [mm]
Clear entry height [mm]
Rack dimensions [mm]
500 x 500
Required water flow pressure [bar/ kPA]
1.0 – 6.0 / 100– 600
Splash guard
Weight, net/ gross [kg]
103 / 128

The entry level model of the PT Series the PT-500 pass-through dishwasher offers reliability solution and impressive cleaning results for your kitchen.

Key features

  • Choice of short, standard and intensive programme, depending on soiling levels
  • Reduces the heating time by up to 50%, making the dishwasher ready for operation faster
  • Food residue is trapped by a removable sieve and strainer
  • Fine impurities such as coffee grounds are removed by the centrifugal force of the Mediamat
  • The pump is protected against mechanical damage by an inlet filter
  • Single-button programme start
  • Leak sensor to monitor water leaks
  • Ergonomic hood handles and automatic hood start for convenient handling
  • Deep-drawn tank, hygienic rear panel and hygienic rack guide as well as a self-cleaning programme make it easy to clean the inside of the dishwasher

Depending on the application, the compact PT Series is available as a dishwasher, bistro dishwaher, glasswasher or cutlery washer that all come in sizes M, L and XL. The innovative design of the PT Series guarantees top performance for brilliant washing results, offers superior speed and guaranteed economy.

Key features

  • VarioPower
  • Reduced wash times and resultant improved rack throughput of up to 28% per hour
  • Ready for operation much faster because heatup time is reduced by up to 50%
  • Pre-heating of the cold supply water thanks to standard waste water heat exchanger
  • Reduction in operating costs by approx. 12%
  • Touch screen
  • Eye-level display for convenient operation
  • Ergonomic cover grips and automatic hood opening (optional for PT-M/PT-L, not available for PT-XL) for greater ease of use
  • Deep tank, hygienic rear wall and automatic self-cleaning programme for easy internal cleaning of the machine


Pass-through warewashers PT Series

PT-500 User training - Washing

User training for the correct handling of the Winterhalter pass-through warewasher PT-500. Three wash programmes for the different degrees of soiling ensure brilliant cleaning results.

  • Food & Beverage
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
WinterhalterWinterhalter, German warewashing specialist provides a complete solution of warewashers, detergents and water-treatment where efficient and hygienic cleaning results are guaranteed from single supplier. In addition to the latest PT-Series that has been proven not only able to deliver simple brilliant, fast and efficient washing result yet guaranteed economy in hood-type dishwasher, Winterhalter also offers a high caliber range of professional warewashers including undercounter and multiple tank conveyors. The perfect addition to any commercial kitchen.
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