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Eagle Vision - Code Reading Inspection

The Code Reading module inspects ink-jet, laser and thermotransfer codes on various packaging types, including (infant formula) cans, beverage cans, labels, carton and PET bottles. The Code Reading module checks if codes are present, complete, readable or correct.

The module is typically used for packaging identification, to detect a mix-up. To inspect the Best Before Date. And to register unique track & trace codes. We have special optical units for reflective or round surfaces. High Speed inspection is possible.

The inspected codes can include:
• Production dates
• Best Before dates
• Shelf life codes
• Batch codes
• Track & trace codes
• Packaging identification codes
• Barcodes
• 2D Data Matrix codes
• QR codes


• OCR, OCV and Code presence detection
• Inspection of special font types, including Asian and Arabic fonts
• Verification of code position
• Misprints and ink drops
• Ink-jet, laser, thermotransfer, pre-printed codes
• Production code, Best Before date, 2D Data Matrix code, QR Code
• Barcode Reading (ladder + picket fence orientation)


  • Automated vision inspection
  • Can inspection

Key Feature

• High speed inspection possible
• Reflective surface code reading possible
• Marking of frequently changing characters (for time / sequence numbers)
• Color dot filter
• Scaling
• Modular expandable with other inspection modules, such as label inspection
• Random orientation on round products possibe
• Network connection
• Remote connection
• Storage of statistics and pictures
• Short changeover time
• Simple installation to the line
• Stainless steel hygienic frames available
• Inspection by top view, up view, side view, multi view possible
• Very operator friendly user interface
• Easy maintenance because of no moving parts

  • Food & Beverage
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
Eagle VisionFounded in 1995, Eagle Vision has developped and delivered Vision Inspection Systems for the food, beverage and packaging industries. We are the world market leader in vision inspection systems for the infant formula canning and confectionary markets.
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