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Portable IC not only keeps the accuracy of laboratory IC, but also makes up for the application defects of laboratory IC with the characteristics of portable, on-site and rapid detection.

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Technical specifications

Maximum Pressure 35 MPa (PEEK)
Flow Rate Range 0.001~9.999 mL/min
Flow Accuracy ± 0.5 %
Flow Repeatability RSD ≤ 0.1 %
Injection Valve
Maximum Pressure 35 MPa
Control Mode By stepper motor
Power Requirements 24 V (DC)
Column Heater
Temperature Range Room temperature + 5 ~ 60 ℃ (41 ~ 140 ℉)
Temperature Stability ≤ 0.05 ℃/h
Power Requirements 150 W
Dimensions (L x W x H) 330 x 220 x 310 mm
Net Weight 8 kg
Gross Weight 11 kg

Key features

  • Powerful data processing system: Iconic display, customizable interface, integration of instrument control, data analysis and processing, data sharing module for on-site and remote data sharing through 4G network
  • Quick columns for 5-min rapid detection: Original quick columns for on-site quick detection of anions and cations
  • Intelligent flow path cleaning makes easier cleaning: The flow path is designed with a switching valve for free switch of eluent bottles and pure water bottles
  • WIFI communication, real-time operation: Being equipped with a tablet/laptop makes real-time operation more flexible and convenient
  • Upgrade-supported dual detectors (conductivity detector and amperometric detector) to meet the needs of different industries
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