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Tecan has reshaped liquid handling and process automation with Fluent, an exceptional instrumentation concept providing a choice of workstation capacities, and robotics, liquid handling and application options to suit the process-specific needs of your laboratory.

Fluent offers new opportunities to laboratories looking for state-of-the-art automation to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Streamline workflows
  • Optimize assay precision and consistency
  • Relieve operators from repetitive tasks

The system’s fully modular, open architecture allows each instrument to be individually configured with robotic arms for pipetting and labware movement, helping laboratories to meet throughput, cost saving and productivity targets.

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Key Features

Increase productivity, extend functionality and optimize walkaway times

Make better use of the space in your lab.

  • Increase throughput and productivity per m2
  • Compact design fits more functionality into less space
  • Maximize unattended running with:
  • Exceptional on-deck, in-deck and below-deck capacity
  • Easy device integration

Easy to use – every day, for every operator

Combine intuitive operation with the flexibility to automate complex processes.

  • Standardized touchscreen operator interface
  • Guided start-up and workflows
  • Integrated cameras highlight loading mistakes during set-up for immediate correction 
  • Ease of programming and teach-free set-up
  • Extensive error handling options and unique Method Recovery function

High performance pipetting

Fluent offers exceptional liquid handling performance.

  • Freely combine high precision single and multiple tip formats
  • Non-contact dispensing, even below 5 µl
  • Chose the right pipetting technology to match your application
  • Fine tune critical pipetting positions with Zero-G teaching
  • Chose disposable or washable fixed tips to suit your application and budget

Enhanced process security and simplified regulatory compliance

Ensure that each and every run is performed exactly the same way, and delivers consistent, high quality results with:

  • Advanced in-process monitoring
  • Labware and sample identification
  • Multi-level operator security
  • Built-in SOPs
  • Fluent Gx software tools to support regulatory compliance

Flexibility for today and tomorrow

Future-proof your investment and ensure that the system won’t become obsolete as your automation needs change over time with:

  • Freely configurable Dynamic Deck™ worktable
  • Straightforward device integration
  • On-the-fly configuration changes for pipetting and labware handling
  • Field upgrades for all arms and options

Fluent Laboratory Automation Workstation


Tecan was founded in 1980 by four engineers in the Swiss village of Hombrechtikon, with the aim to develop measurement, analysis and laboratory automation devices. The first offices were located in a renovated farmhouse, the family home of CEO and founder, Heinz Abplanalp.

Tecan is a leading global provider of automated laboratory instruments and solutions. Our systems and components help people working in clinical diagnostics, basic and translational research and drug discovery bring their science to life.

In particular, we develop, produce, market and support automated workflow solutions that empower laboratories to achieve more. Our Cavro branded instrument components are chosen by leading instrumentation suppliers across multiple disciplines.