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The United Model LCH Speedy Tester is a portable, hydraulic testing machine incorporating a highly accurate, built-in digital information system for the display of test data.

The “Speedy” is ideal for testing applications where putting expensive lab or R&D equipment on the factory floor may not be feasible.

Technical Specifications

Load rate Maximum of 40,000 lbs. (178 kN./min)
Return speed 102 mm. per minute
Piston travel 121 mm.
Column height 762 mm.
Power 120 V. / 240 V.
Weight 72.6 Kg. excluding grips
Dimensions (WxDxH) 585x305x1067 mm.

Key Features

  • Automatic rate-of-load display.
  • Digital display with resolution of one pound.
  • RS-232C port.
  • Peak load detection—displays and freezes highest reading obtained.
  • Overload protection system.
  • Interchangeable load cell capability—standardization feature allows interchangeability of load cells without recalibration.
  • Easily adjustable crosshead.
  • High accuracy—within ±0.5% of indicated load + 0.005% of capacity.
  • Quality construction—constructed of highest grade materials and U.S. made, precision components.
  • JOG sample pre-load system.
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
United Testing Systems (UTS)United pioneered the first automatic data acquisition and reduction system to be used in conjunction with physical testing. United developed the first fully automatic test system able to test several samples in sequence without operator involvement. These breakthroughs have earned the United organization an enviable reputation as the “Pioneers in Tensile Data Acquisition.”
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