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United servo-hydraulic controlled DHFM Series Test Systems are available in capacities from 300 kN. to 2,000 kN.

The fully-accessorized DHFM Series Testers include a complement of support hardware and accessories to immediately commence testing for tensile or compressive strength as well as bend and flex testing. By incorporating proven hardware plus USB-connectivity for high speed data acquisition and control, the SHFM Series takes full advantage of our extensive library of Windows®-based test methods. These test methods generate test results that are fully compliant with internationally recognized standards such as ASTM, ISO, EN, JIS, DIN and BS.

Technical Specifications

Model DHFM-300 DHFM-600 DHFM-1,000 DHFM-2,000
Capacity 300 kN. 600 kN. 1000 kN. 2000 kN.
Maximum ram stroke 250 mm. 250 mm. 250 mm. 250 mm.
Adjustment speed (mm./min.) 300 300 200 100
Maximum test space 700 mm. 700 mm. 700 mm. 1100 mm.
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
United Testing Systems (UTS)United pioneered the first automatic data acquisition and reduction system to be used in conjunction with physical testing. United developed the first fully automatic test system able to test several samples in sequence without operator involvement. These breakthroughs have earned the United organization an enviable reputation as the “Pioneers in Tensile Data Acquisition.”
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