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Streamline LC-MS Workflows

Laboratory automation is quickly becoming a critical component of the modern lab to streamline pharmaceutical, life science, and analytical LC-MS workflows. Automation of routine and complex sample preparation helps minimize variability, improve traceability, and simplify method transfer. Ultimately bringing improved efficiency to the lab and allowing scientists to increase their productivity.

Waters offers verified automation solutions that increase the efficiency of liquid chromatography workflows.

  • Advanced, automated, robotic laboratory assistants
  • Automation-ready application kits designed for various automation platforms
  • Verified platform scripts and detailed user guides to ensure seamless deployment and robust analytical method performance

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Controlled by OneLab

Reproducibility and full traceability of biological experiments is assured using a highly intuitive browser-based software environment. OneLab enables scientists to graphically design their own pipetting protocols in minutes and execute them straight away in any laboratory in the world, even allowing the remote monitoring of ongoing experiments.

Single and multi-channel pipetting

the Andrew+ liquid handler uses single and multichannel electronic pipettes, ensuring the best liquid handling performance and maximum flexibility. The Andrew Alliance smart electronic pipettes are manufactured by Sartorius, based upon their acclaimed Picus range, the industry gold standard from the inventors of the electronic pipette.

Andrew+ is compact

The liquid handling robot has been designed to fit the majority of laboratory benches and biosafety cabinet (BSC). Andrew+, even with 2 full rows of Dominos (allowing to use 7 microplates or 56 falcon tubes or 168 microtubes) occupies a depth of ~60cm/24”, that fits even the smallest hoods. The unique compact size and design of our liquid handler also allows it to be located in a refrigerator, and work at a temperature of 4°C.

Flexible working deck and tools for all your needs

In addition to pipetting liquids, the Andrew+ liquid handler can perform a wide range of complex experimental steps such as column grabbing. The use of different laboratory tools by the Andrew+ liquid handling robot is further supported by an ever-expanding range of Dominos: a modular solution that enables Andrew+ to use a broad range of consumables.

Automation Connected Devices and Accessories

Scientific research demands the highest levels of reproducibility and traceability. Discover the ecosystem of connected devices that Andrew Alliance is building with partner organizations to support laboratory workflows.

  • Connected to OneLab by WiFi/ethernet for remote control and tracking
  • Can be used manually in combination with Pipette+ or directly with Andrew+ (like a Domino)
  • Easy to install with virtual support

Automation Workflow Kits and Scripts

Realize the full potential of your automation workstations with Waters sample preparation kits. Compatible with a variety of industry-standard platforms, seamlessly automate your Waters workflow to gain laboratory efficiency without encountering the issues inherent in scripting complex manual methods. 

  • Transition to routine, high-throughput analysis with Waters easily customizable, application-specific base scripts for Andrew Alliance, Hamilton, and Tecan platforms
  • Automation-ready application kits designed for various automation platforms
  • Verified platform scripts and detailed user guides to ensure seamless deployment and robust analytical method performance 
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