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KOPEL - Solar Test System - KSX - 3000H

The KSX-3000H Solar Cell Test System is an optimum solution for testing high-efficiency PV Cells including HIT® or PERC® PV cells under R&D and Mass-Production Environments.

The KSX-3000H Solar Cell Test System mainly consists of the following high-performance components:

  • KSS-P001 Pulse Solar Simulator/Lamp Power Supply
  • KST-P15HC2 IV Measuring Unit
  • KSJ-026 Cell Setter
  • KSM Series Probe bar
  • KSW-001 Software
    * can include a chiller and vacuum pump for the R&D version


  • State-of-the-art Accurate Measurement system
  • Stable light source (Class A+AA+, according to last IEC 60904-9 ed:3 standard)
  • Specially designed IV measurement system with 4-quadrant operation and simultaneous V/I measurement
  • Lower Maintenance Cost 
  • Long-life pulse lamp (up to 2 million shots, warranty until 1 million)
  • Simple configuration (with neither optics nor shutter)
  • Easy lamp replacement from the side door with no adjustment required
  • Higher Throughput & High IV Data Correlation with a high-end long pulse solar simulator
  • To be upgraded from the KSX-1000 system by only changing the IV measuring unit and software

The KSX-3000H shares the same light source as the KSX-1000 but uses an improved IV measuring unit and software. It provides all the benefits of the KSX-1000, such as high measurement accuracy, low maintenance cost, and high throughput.

The KSX-3000H is already available. Or if you don’t need HIT® measuring capability for the time being, you can purchase the KSX-1000 now and later upgrade it to the KSX-3000H simply by replacing the IV measuring unit and software. 


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KOPELKyoshin Electric Co., Ltd., develops and manufactures a series of leading-edge optoelectronics products as KOPEL brand in a global scale. Leveraging the New PV Measurement Technology “KOPEL Method,” the KSX-2012HM Solar Module Test System and the KSX-3000H Solar Cell Test System are exclusively designed to test high-efficiency PVs such as HIT® or PERC® cells.
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