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KOPEL - Solar Module Test System - KSX-2012HM

A High-precision IV Test System that allows accurate measurement of IV of high-efficiency PV modules including HIT® with a 50-ms pulse light.

It is generally believed that a stationary light or a very long pulse (several hundreds of ms or longer) is needed to measure HIT® or similar high-efficiency PV modules. Kyoshin, however, has jointly developed an innovative test method, called the “KOPEL Method,” with Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

By incorporating this KOPEL Method, the KSX-2012HM System is able to accurately measure IV of high-efficiency PV modules such as HIT® using both dark and illuminated IV data. Our IV data using a 50-ms pulse show very good agreement with the IV data measured for a long sweep time of 1000 ms under a stationary light source: the deviation is just 0.2-0.3%. Moreover, the KSX-2012HM System achieves extremely high throughput with the shortest emission interval of approx. 15 seconds.


  • High-precision IV Measuring Unit
  • Capable of measuring IV of high-efficiency PV modules at high precision with a short pulse light of 50 ms
  • Compact design achieved by using an upward lighting pulse solar simulator mounted with the KOPEL Method
  • Minimizes measurement error caused by a temperature rise
  • Accurate and Stable Pulse Solar Simulator
  • Achieves a spectral match within ±20% of the global standard spectrum AM-1.5G
  • Use of a single lamp as well as the proprietary uniformity adjustment method allows non-uniformity of irradiance within ±2%
  • Almost zero spectral non-uniformity is achieved by using a single lamp and a special AM filter
  • A perfect test system for in-line use, because it uses upward emission that requires no inversion of PV modules
  • The optics requires no adjustment
  • Reduced lamp replacement frequency, which lowers the maintenance cost while enhancing the throughput
  • Shortest emission interval of approx. 15 seconds allows dramatic increase in the throughput
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KOPELKyoshin Electric Co., Ltd., develops and manufactures a series of leading-edge optoelectronics products as KOPEL brand in a global scale. Leveraging the New PV Measurement Technology “KOPEL Method,” the KSX-2012HM Solar Module Test System and the KSX-3000H Solar Cell Test System are exclusively designed to test high-efficiency PVs such as HIT® or PERC® cells.
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