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Honeywell regains position as number one supplier of synthetic wax additives in Australia Listen with ReadSpeaker

DKSH supports Honeywell to seize opportunities in unfavourable and complex market conditions.

Honeywell is a Fortune 500 industrial-tech company with about 110,000 employees and 900 sites across the world. Honeywell 2019 sales revenue reached USD 37 billion. Honeywell Additives are one of the largest global producers of synthetic wax blends used in Plastics, Rubber, Coating & Paints, Inks and Asphalt.

DKSH Australia began their relationship with Honeywell in April 2019 to explore the wax additive market in Australia.

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With the effective sales activities and good market knowledge from DKSH Australia, we have been able to produce a strong result and regain the leading position in PVC market in a relatively short period. We look forward to many success stories with DKSH in Australia.

Mr. Andri Haksomo, Sales Manager, Specialty Additives, Honeywell