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Sammic cooks up a storm with new sous-vide equipment in Taiwan

It is never easy for a new brand or a new technology to penetrate the food industry, particularly one that is heavy on tradition and culture. But Sammic, together with DKSH’s support, managed to successfully launch their new sous-vide equipment in Taiwan.

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Sammic is famous for its sous-vide product lines. Sous-vide, which loosely translated means “under vacuum" is a French cooking technique whereby food is vacuum-sealed in a cooking pouch and heated up at a precise temperature in a water bath. The method is very popular in the US and in Europe as it is deemed to be better at preserving the food’s original flavor and is a healthier option.

We are very happy to be partners with DKSH and grateful for their efforts in promoting the Sammic sous-vide range of products in Taiwan.

Ann Tan, Regional Sales Manager, South East Asia