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Commercial coffee machines

If you have a coffee shop, restaurant or other business where you want to make great coffee on a large scale, choosing the best commercial espresso machine will be fundamental to your success.

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Choosing a reliable and durable commercial coffee machine for your business can be difficult. At DKSH, we make it easy for you by distributing a wide range of coffee makers that cater to your exact needs.

Be it a specialty or fully automated commercial coffee machine, find the perfect match for your office, cafe, canteen, restaurant, store or hotel from our handpicked and tested selection.

Let our experienced and qualified specialists and engineers provide you with integrated support, including services such as installation, training, and refurbishment, as well as ensuring spare parts are available throughout the entire life span of your purchased coffee machine.

Commercial coffee makers are machines that make coffee for medium to high use environments, such as an office or restaurant. They are usually automated; all you need to do is fill the beans and water tank and connect the hose to your preferred milk. The machine can produce anywhere from 50 to 400 cups of coffee a day.

It can range anywhere from USD 1,000 to USD 40,000.

Yes, absolutely. We would suggest purchasing a fully automated coffee machine which are widely used in offices around the world.

Best commercial coffee machines 2019

Find the commercial coffee machine that meets your coffee needs from our top selling items.

Nuova Simonelli Appia ii espresso machine

Nuova Simonelli Appia ii espresso machine builds on the success of the Appia. It is a machine with high productivity and high performance which confirms all the features appreciated by over a hundred thousand baristas around the world.

The Nuova Simonelli team, applying the results of studies and research conducted with the support of various professionals, have created in Appia II an even richer machine, more comfortable for the barista, with even simpler maintenance. Simple and innovative, Appia II stands out, for proven reliability and even for the modern style that makes it the ideal machine for any room.

Nuova Simonelli is an Italian based company producing coffee machines since 1936. Focused on espresso technology, the company now owns the Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino trademarks and it has a global presence, being in 122 countries around the world, where it exports 94% of its production.

Carimali Armonia Soft Plus


Carimali Armonia Soft Plus is defined by a 7 inch touch screen display, completely customizable depending on the user demands.

Up to 30 drink selection can be loaded (max.10 per page), like coffee drinks, milk-based drinks, instant products and hot water. Users can upload movies, sounds or customised images per each single drink: Armonia Soft Plus is provided with loudspeaker. All machine parameters and settings are customizable and adjustable directly from the user interface.

Armonia Soft Plus is available in 2 models: Easy e LM, with many available configuration. Available also in Self configuration, perfect for offices and communities. Armonia Soft Plus could be combined with A01 add-on-units line.

Carimali blue dot


Carimali blue dot is the bean-to-cup coffee machine especially conceived for an average daily target of 75-100 cups. Perfect for the Office Coffee Service as well as the Horeca segments like offices, meeting rooms, studios, B&B and lounges.

The great flexibility and the many configurations are just some of its strengths: you can even fit two brewers (for Espresso and Fresh Brew coffee) despite its compact size.

BlueDot can be connected to the water supply in 3 different configurations: internal water tank, direct water connection or both (Jolly solution).

Carimali optima soft plus


Carimali optima soft plus is ideal to deliver top quality coffee drinks to satisfy high demand through high performances. Defined by a flexible design approach and a wide array of product configurations.

Very easy and intuitive to use, it guarantee a wide choice of quality drinks. The lighted display and the large lighted buttons make it easy to use for all operators.

Eversys cameo c'2


Eversys cameo c'2 produces coffee and steamed/foamed milk as good as any barista can produce. The latest in Eversys’s leading-edge line of espresso machines that are known for quality, consistency, productivity and connectivity.

Cameo adopts symbols of nature – be it earth, ocean or tempest. Colours and textures can be modified to reflect personal taste or environment, whilst retaining all the functionality associated with the e'range. 

Eversys e2m price


Eversys e2m price are designed for environment with lesser productivity requirements and where cost is key factor, e'2 and e'2m does not compromise on quality, just fit for purpose when requirements are less demanding.

The e’2 / e’2m is a reduced version of the e’4 / e’4m, a machine capable of producing 175 espresso / cappuccino per hour, 2 at a time. This can be realised at the same time as continuous water and steam production.

Eversys e4m


Eversys e4m Self-Service is an e’4m conceived with more space allowing two customers to use the machine simultaneously while maintaining the production capacity as well as the in-cup quality and consistency.

Applicable in self-service environments, where quality, production capacity and speed of service matter.


Sammic filter coffee machines with production into decanters consists of different models offering an hourly throughput of up to 24 lt.

NOVO, without connection for mains water supply, is equipped with a plastic filterpan. MONDO, also without connection for mains water supply, is supplied with a plastic filterpan. MATIC models offer the most advanced features in this range, with connection for mains water supply and stainless steel filterpan. 

Our services We offer complete turnkey solutions tailored to your business

Pre-setup consultancy

We provide you with tailored consultation alongside professional inspection to help you identify the most strategic solution for a safe and healthy environment.

Purchase and quality assurance

Purchase and quality assurance

Choose from our certified list of exclusive coffee machine suppliers.

Equipment testing and commissioning

Equipment testing and commissioning

Our dedicated team of experienced and qualified service engineers install, commission and test your coffee equipment to ensure it runs perfectly from the start. We also offer preventative maintenance to minimize breakdowns.

Staff training

To maximize the potential of your equipment and achieve the most value for your business, we offer training courses with certified specialists and industry partners.

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