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This section features everyday, familiar labware items such as beakers, bottles, cylinders, flasks, funnels, microplates, tubes and vials that are an essential component of practically all laboratory workflows. Choosing your glassware and plasticware from Fisherbrand is the smart way to achieve cost savings over branded products without having to compromise on quality.

Available models

  • Durable construction for long life
  • Space-saving rectangular design
  • Carboys ideal for storing and dispensing lab water and reagents
  • Available in HDPE (non-autoclavable) and polypropylene (autoclavable) material

Beakers, squat form & tall form, borosilicate glass 3.3

  • With spout
  • Graduated
  • ISO 3819 DIN 12331

Beakers, squat form, borosilicate glass 3.3, heavy duty

  • Heavy wall construction for increased mechanical strength
  • With spout
  • Graduated
  • Reinforced rim with 'easy pour' pouring spout
  • Uniform wall thickness for optimum optical clarity

Beakers, polypropylene, tri-cornered

  • Suitable for use with commonly used acids, alkalis and solvents
  • Each beaker has three drip-free pouring spouts
  • Moulded graduations, stackable

Beakers, PTFE, squat form

  • Non-contaminating and inert to highly corrosive reagents
  • Non-wettable, lightweight and heat resistant
  • Can be heated on a hotplate up to 280°C
  • Easy to clean
  • Spout for easy pouring
  • Isostatically moulded from pure PTFE

Beakers, PTFE, Thermotech™

  • Pure PTFE body with a specially formulated stablilising PTFE carbon base as a single moulding
  • Totally inert pure PTFE inner surface
  • Heatable to 270°C
  • Improved heat transfer

Reusable Glass Low-Form Griffin Beakers

  • Made of KG-33 borosilicate glass
  • Thick, heavy construction with beaded top
  • Uniform wall thickness
  • Durable, matte-finish marking area for use with an ordinary pencil
  • Easy-to-read white graduated double scale on all sizes from 50 to 1000mL

Reusable Glass Heavy-Duty Low-Form Beakers

  • Thick uniform walls
  • Evenly tooled top rim with extra wall thickness
  • Spout designed for optimum performance
  • Durable matte finish marking area
  • White graduated scale

Reusable Glass Berzelius Beakers

  • Slighty flared top, reinforcing bead and pouring spout
  • Durable matte finish marking area
  • White scales to approximate volumes
  • Made with Borosilicate glass

Reusable Glass Media Bottles with Cap

Convenient wide opening, ideal for general use

  • Enhanced graduations
  • Permanent white enamel marking spot
  • GL 45 screw thread
  • Clear (natural), drip-free, replaceable polypropylene pour ring
  • Linerless, autoclavable (to 140%C) polypropylene cap

Clear Boston Rounds with Poly-Seal*-lined Caps

Economical, high quality bottles for storing liquid samples

  • Type III soda lime glass
  • Clear for easy viewing of contents
  • Narrow mouth

Amber Wide-Mouth Packers with PTFE Faced PE-lined Caps

Value priced bottles ideal for storing dry materials

  • Amber glass for light-sensitive powders
  • Wide mouth for easy filling and for complete removal of contents
Fisher Scientific

Fisher Scientific is committed to providing quality products at affordable prices through its trusted proprietary Fisherbrand range of products. Fisherbrand offers a broad selection of laboratory supplies and consumables covering a diverse range of applications such as liquid handling, heating and cooling, centrifugation, Electrochemistry and many more. It’s the smart way to achieve cost savings over branded products without having to compromise on quality.

There are over 10,000 products within the Fisherbrand portfolio, with new products constantly being introduced. All Fisherbrand products are manufactured to the highest standards and undergo rigorous quality assurance and testing procedures to ensure that they deliver on our promise of quality, reliability and value. That is why when you see the blue Fisherbrand logo you know it’s a trusted partner.