Synthesis and Characterization of Antibody Drug Conjugates Listen with ReadSpeaker Webinar

Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) are attracting a tremendous amount of attention because they have the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment. Chemical ligation of cytotoxic agents to monoclonal antibodies allows the selective delivery of cytotoxins to tumor cells thereby potentially mitigating some of the damaging side-effects of cancer chemotherapy. There are currently nine FDA-approved ADCs and numerous others at varying stages of development. Concept Life Sciences has expertise in all aspects of ADC synthesis and characterization allowing us to help expedite your ADC projects progression to the clinic.

Date recorded: May 28, 2021

At Concept Life Sciences, we are renowned for our synthetic organic chemistry expertise and have successfully delivered on numerous medicinal chemistry projects at varying stages of development. We have recently expanded our capabilities and expertise to offer tailored solutions to ADC projects. Our ADC portfolio includes linker synthesis, handling of potent cytotoxins, bioconjugation, aggregation analysis, drug-antibody ratio calculations via UV-visible absorption and mass spectrometry, peptide mapping and assessment of ADC potency against a range of target antigen-expressing and non-expressing cell lines. We are also able to work with our partners to design and implement bespoke assays to ensure you get the data you need.

In this webinar we will give a brief overview of the current state of the ADC landscape and present the results of an internal project focusing on the non-proprietary ADC Trastuzumab-MC-Val-Cit-PAB-MMAE. In particular, we will highlight:

  • ADC synthesis
  • ADC structural characterization by subunit analysis and peptide mapping
  • The effect of antibodies and ADCs against target antigen-expressing and non-target antigen-expressing cell lines to study ADC specificity and their time-dependent effect on apoptosis using an IncuCyte®
  • How the use of our sister company Malvern Panalytical’s state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation can be implemented in ADC research and development