Hear From Our Customers: Why Choose the Cytek® Aurora Listen with ReadSpeaker Video

Discover how the Cytek® Aurora system is advancing research in areas such as Immunophenotyping, Apoptosis, and Cell Cycle Analysis.

Flexibility and Ability to Add More Complexity to Existing Panels

Hear how the Cytek® Aurora and Northern Lights systems provide flexibility and allow for more complexity in existing panels from Joel Sederstrom, Director of Flow Cytometry at Baylor College of Medicine.

Optimizing Full Spectrum Flow Cytometry: Pre-optimized Kits and Panel Expansion Tips

Learn how preoptimized kits and expanded panels with drop-ins can help you move into full spectrum flow cytometry the right way from Karla Moncada, Assistant Director of Flow Cytometry Core at UT Health, San Antonio.

Cytek Aurora Revolutionizes Cell Biology with 36+ Color Flow Cytometry in One Tube

Discover how the Cytek® Aurora has changed the field of cell biology and made it possible to do 36+ colors in one tube with ease of use and preset controls, according to Sebastian Montagnino, Flow Core Technologist at UT Health, San Antonio.