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Achieve higher throughputs and cleaner data with our 96-well laminar washing system

With the Curiox Laminar Wash HT2000 System, you get all the benefits of gentle laminar cell washing in a format compatible with high-throughput and automated workflows.

A quicker, simpler path to better data

With the HT2000’s laminar washing technology, cells are deposited onto a 96-well laminar wash plate, where a gentle flow of buffer washes away unwanted debris, such as unbound antibody or dye. Unlike with centrifugation, very little stress is placed upon the cells, ensuring the integrity of cell surface markers. The thoroughness of the laminar washing process produces cleaner, better segregated data than centrifugation-based wash methods and the gentleness of the technique enables high cell retention and viability.

What the HT2000 delivers:

  • Better data quality and better cell recovery than centrifugation
  • Greater reproducibility from study-to-study and operator-to-operator
  • A higher stain index for cleaner resolution of populations
  • Less cell clumping and the subsequent clogging of fluidic systems
  • Faster workflows that can completely wash 96 samples in just 3 minutes
  • Better biosafety through reduced aerosolization and a footprint that fits into most biosafety cabinets


  • Flow cytometry
  • Single cell sequencing
  • Automated workflows
  • COVID-19 sample preparation

Technical Specifications

Voltage Requirements 100-240V
Power Consumption 24V/3.0A
W x H x D (mm) 262 x 310 x 302
Weight 14kg (31lbs)

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See How the Laminar Wash Technology Works

HT2000+BEX Virtual Demo

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Curiox Biosystems

Curiox was founded in 2008 to commercialize DropArray™ technology, which was initially developed by Namyong Kim, PhD and his group at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN), a part of A*STAR. The venture was backed by Nanostart AG and Exploit Technologies, the commercialization arm of A*STAR.

We look forward to ushering in the next generation of innovations that accelerate the pace of life science research, diagnostics, and therapeutics discovery and development.