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Exclusive interview with Dr. Thidathip Wongsurawat (Dr. Tip) from Mahidol's Siriraj Hospital, a pioneer in nanopore sequencing in Thailand and Asia.



User feedback is like a mirror; it shows us what we are doing well and where we can improve. DKSH Thailand had the opportunity to interview Dr. Thidathip Wongsurawat (Dr. Tip) from Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University. She plays a significant role in advancing nanopore sequencing research in Thailand and across Asia.

Dr. Tip recently shared with us her insights on the repliQa HiFi ToughMix solution from Quantabio, a product DKSH represents in Thailand. The repliQa HiFi ToughMix is a ready-to-use master mix that contains all the components for high-fidelity PCR amplification, including a genetically modified DNA polymerase coupled with hot start antibodies.


1. How did you get started using the repliQa HiFi ToughMix?

Dr. Tip: We had several vendors who presented their products to us as we are always looking for new technologies that can help our work. But as we cannot try everything, we had to prioritize the better products, particularly the ones that are easier to use and solutions that offer better value.

What caught our interest in the repliQa HiFi ToughMix was its application note. It mentioned its use in long-read sequencing and the ability to increase the number of long-chain PCR products. When we sought for more information, the manufacturer Quantabio had a team of international experts to answer our queries directly. We found that the process was much quicker, taking just 27 minutes instead of the usual 45 minutes to two hours. It also produces long-chain DNA. Plus, they use a unique Taq Polymerase method which is different from what we have used before.


2. What made you decide on repliQa HiFi ToughMix?

Dr. Tip: It was based on the actual user experience. Our team unanimously agreed based on how it performed during sample testing. The standout difference was in the sample prep. The Quantabio enzyme is pre-mixed, saving us time and simplifying the process. Also, the pricing was reasonable.

I would like to extend my thanks to Dr. Wararat Kreawsuwannakul and Pattharaporn Nummi for their assistance during the evaluation and decision-making process. They helped test the product in various applications, like increasing bacterial gene numbers, species differentiation, and amplifying four Kilobase genes, which were not even mentioned in the Application Note. The results were very satisfying.


3. Are there any improvements you would suggest?

Dr. Tip: I would recommend that they include the Proteinase K tubes with the enzyme kits. It would make it more convenient for users as they do not have to purchase it separately. Also, having some promotional offers would be a great idea.