Augment Your Battery Research With Dedicated Non-ambient In-operando XRD Listen with ReadSpeaker Webinar

For any new electrode material to be successful for battery application, its crystal structure and structural stability with charge-discharge cycling are of critical importance.

Date recorded: August 17, 2022

X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) solutions by Malvern Panalytical are specially customized for battery research, offering both powder materials characterization for structural integrity and in-operando characterization to investigate their electro-stability during charge-discharge cycling.

In operando XRD can help to track changes in the crystal phases that might be harmful for the battery performance. Such changes, if not understood and mitigated, may lead to irreversible battery degradation with cycling.

New in operando XRD functionalities

A battery may work perfectly at 25℃, but actual operating conditions may cause unexpected performance degradation and safety risks. To investigate battery stability under non-ambient conditions, 2 new battery stages have been introduced with heating and cooling feature between -10℃ and 70℃ on the Empyrean XRD platform.

VTEC: an electrochemical cell with Be window for reflection studies

VTEC-trans: a pouch cell stage for transmission studies