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Full Spectrum Flow Cytometry for All

The Cytek Northern Lights is a full spectrum flow cytometer that shifts the paradigm in what scientists expect to see in performance from an affordable one-to-three laser system. Cytek Northern Lights incorporates the same groundbreaking technologies as the Aurora system, allowing for a wide array of new fluorochrome combinations without reconfiguring your system for each application. The Northern Lights, with its easy-to-use workflow is the highly valuable full spectrum flow solution for everyday research applications.


Key Features

  • High Value

Upgradeable from one laser and nine colors to three lasers and 24 colors, there is a Northern Lights configuration to fit your needs

  • Remarkable Sensitivity

Sensitivity redefined using state-of-the-art optics and low-noise electronics

  • Easy, Flexible, and Intuitive

One configuration for all assay, use any commercially available fluorochrome, intuitive software

  • Low Cost of Ownership

Use fewer lasers to run more colors for greater cost savings and less setup time between experiments

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (W x D X H) Without loader: 54 x 52 x 52 cm With loader: 58 x 62 x 52 cm
Instrument weight Instrument weight: 61 kg Loader weight: 13 kg
Power 100-140 VAC, 15A or 200-250 VAC, 10A
Temperature 15–28°C
Humidity 20%-85% relative non-condensing
Forward and side scatter resolution Performance is optimized for resolving lymphocytes, monocytes, and granulocytes.
Side scatter resolution Capable of resolving 0.2μm beads from noise.
Sample flow rates Low: 15 μL/min, Medium: 30 μL/min, High: 60 μL/min, Plate high-throughput mode: 100 μL/min
Fluidic modes Long clean, SIT flush, Purge filter, Clean flow cell

Aurora & Northern Lights Testimonial

  • ชีวเภสัชกรรมและเทคโนโลยีชีวภาพ
Cytek BiosciencesCytek Biosciences is committed to providing powerful solutions that enable scientists to rapidly and efficiently obtain deep biological insights through high quality, high parametric datasets. We are on a mission to advance cancer and cell biology research using a powerful cell analysis technique called full spectrum flow cytometry.