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Solida Biotech manufacture a wide range of bioreactors, fermenters, at-line analysers, CIP/SIP systems and process vessels for research, development, and production, suitable for fermentation, cell culture, stem cells, enewable technologies, algae, biomass, biofuel, hydrolysis and more.

Solida Biotech Advantages:
  • Flexibility
  • Custom made solutions
  • Complete Engineering management
  • Full control of the manufacturing chain including third party suppliers
  • Automation and Software solutions for laboratory and industrial applications
  • High quality Stainless steel and ancillary components
  • Competitive Prices
  • Efficient after sales support
  • Turn-Key projects
  • Searching and Transferring of Technologies
  • Application support for Fermentation, Cell Culture and Renewable energies

Technical specifications

Volumn range From 50 mL up to 3000 L
Stirrer speed (rpm) 1 – 2000 rpm
Gas mixing Standard set-up includes Air, O2, CO2 and N2 gas mixing station
pH Optical or Digital pH sensors, 12mm, 19mm PG 13.5 Ingold fitting (220mm, 320mm, 420mm length). Intelligent Cascade Control with acid and alkali pumps and/or CO2 gas.
DO2 Optical or Digital DO sensor, 12mm, 19mm PG 13.5 Ingold fitting (220mm, 320mm, 420mm length) Intelligent Cascade Control with Air, O2, N2 (Rotameters or TMFC mass flow controllers), Agitation and Feeding Pumps.
Temperature Pt-100 RDT probe. Automated control of cooling and heating modules. Chiller is also available as optional.
Foam Conductivity based foam sensor, high/low foam, height adjustable. Automated control with anti foam addition pump or other actuators.
Probes and sensors available Integrated online biomass sensor,optical density probes, Glucose sensor,CO2/O2/NH4/SO2 gas analysers, pCO2 probe, conductivity,methanol/ethanol analyzers. Automated samplers. Software control and integration via OPC interface

Available Models

Flexible and intuitive bioreactor system designed for fermentation and cell culture operating modes. Compact Bioreactors is a line of latest generation bioreactors that can be used for basic educational applications, but also for advanced bioprocessing and development.

Key features

  • Small footprint requiring only 200x300mm WxD bench space
  • Last generation PLC controller with ultra modern HMI touch panel interface. USB and EtherNet port
  • User friendly open source software
  • Easy connect drive for laptop, smart phones, ipad's, networks
  • Interchangeable re-usable and disposable vessels ranging from 50mL to 75 litres w/v

New concept of modularity with a unique design versatile and suitable for glass autoclavable, SUB dispodable and SIP stainless steel systems from 50 mL up to 100 litres. Our Advanced bioreactors represent the latest advances in mechanical, automation and software engineering, applied to the bioprocess industry. Industry-standard technologies, high-flexibility, modularity, easy upgrades and replacements, guaranteed long-term spare parts availability, and after-sales service set Solida Biotech apart from its competitors.

Key features

  • Master controller technology for advanced PAT, data-logging and embedded monitoring applications
  • PRO controller supports Single, Twin,Quad and Parallel bioreactors
  • Integrated measurement of online sensors such as biomass, optical density, gas analyser, glucose and others
  • Powerful SCADA BIOFLEX™ software for faster scaling down, scaling up and bespole projects

A newly engineered control system for parallel bioreactors. It takes many of its well-proven design features into a new era, offering unprecedented benefits to process development laboratories around the world, including unrivalled capabilities for scale-down and upscaling modelling of various culture processes and providing new levels of power and flexibility.

Ket features

  • PRO Controller supports from 1 up to 36 bioreactors
  • The only true parallel controller capable of interchanging a wide range of vessels from 50 mL to 75L w/v re-usable and dispodable
  • Unlimited series I/O modules and logging system
  • Industry-standard controller technology for faster scaling and industrialization
  • Immediate module replacement with zero downtime
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Solida BiotechSolida Biotech is a dynamic company that specializes in engineering, developing, and manufacturing innovative bioprocess equipment.
The company was founded by a management team with over 20 years’ experience in the fields of fermentation, cell culture, sterile processing, software and automation technologies, with the aim of meeting the challenges of producing and supplying leading industrial and institutional customers with a new generation of bioreactors and fermenters for research and production, as well as scientific instruments.